1. T201016

    Android Question [SOLVED] Launching a TextEditor with a parameter on startup

    Hello everyone, here's how to run your own application (text editor) with the selected file. This example allows you to open the contents of a text file (.txt) and an encrypted file (.weo) in mine in the previous example, TextEditor. However, I would rather research the file type in terms of...
  2. J

    B4J Question Question about parameterizing queries

    I can't seem to figure out how to deal with dates and "in" clauses for parameterized queries. I'd be grateful if someone could tell me how to do it. Thanks Date I have a date in string format, Postgresql wants that wrapped in apostrophes in order to accept it into a timestamp field Dim...
  3. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - xCLV .Add parameter

    Greetings, I have a stupid question and hope you don't mind. I just want to get my head around this particular parameter. I noticed I can put any value in the value parameter of the add statement of an xCLV. My stupid question is what is this parameter actually for and how can it be used in...
  4. amorosik

    Android Question How to start a second app and pass/return parameter ?

    I have an app without a UI that runs as a background service When he receives an sms with a specific command he has to start a second app and pass it commands (text strings) The second app, which has a user interface, when closed by the operator must return information (text strings) to the...

    Android Question Button Click with passing parameters

    Hello, I have a sub that fill a custom view with a product list. The _ItemClick event is handling perfectly his job , when we are clicking into the global item line, but : that product list (code below) have 2 kind of added buttons which have to launch (with button_Click) 2 differents script...

    Android Question hidding strings into the code

    Hello, For security, Is it necessary, and if yes what is the best method to do for: Hidding particulary parameters or constant or var into the code, like : Public PhaRcs As String = "Mypassword" ' Password Public WebSite As String = "" ' Url Public...
  7. LucaMs

    Wish Unlimited number of arguments when using CallSub/CallSubDelayed

    I hope to explain the problem well enough by exposing a concrete example that happened to me just yesterday. I have a routine in an Activity that receives two parameters. When I invoke it from within the Activity itself, I simply use: RoutineName(Param1, Param2). I also called it from a...
  8. Mashiane

    B4J Library [BANanoMySQL] An inline PHP class for your MySQLI CRUD functionality

    Hi there Update: 2019-12-17 BANanoMySQL class updated, see post #11, Update: BANanoMySQL1 Example If you would rather use an actual sqlite db, you can use...
  9. luciano deri

    Android Question Custom View: disable parameter in Designer

    Hi to everyone, i'm trying to add params to a customview but i have a problem... I have a param that when enabled, has to disable another one. I know how to do it in the code, but i don't know how to "Grey" it in the Designer. Any clues?
  10. R

    Android Question Table class LoadSQLiteDB SQL with parameters

    How do I use a SQL with parameters with LoadSQLiteDB with the Table class? With Table class I mean the one discussed here: I can only see the option to use a plain SQL string. Or should I just run ExecQuery2 and populate the...