1. H

    Natural Language Processing

    This is about Erel's Natural Language Processing library here: I can't post there, so I put it here. What has been bugging me is what we do with the parsed data. Language processors lack something: real semantic processing. No matter what language we speak, we all have the same ideas or...
  2. S

    Android Question Parsing JSON string created with DBUtils.ExecuteJSON

    Hello, Created a JSON using DBUtils.ExecuteJSON by passing required parameters and then converted it into a string using toString method. Works fine. Verified that it's a valid JSON. Now I want to parse this JSON and extract individual values. This generated JSON starts with root and I...
  3. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Extracting a value from downloaded JSON data

    Greetings, I'm learning how to work with JSON and did a lot of searching and came up with the following coding. It's just a few lines of code but I thought it is at least enough to pull some data out of the downloaded data. I'm sure I messed up with the coding in several places and would like...
  4. bububrln

    Android Question How to clean invalid HTML to process with DOM parser?

    Hello everyone, I am a brandnew user and dare to ask my first question here. Please bear with me as I am a total beginner with all things regarding Android and B4A. :) I am trying to find my way into B4A by trying a few things out. Among them is this: I want to download a HTML file from the...
  5. walterf25

    Android Question Regular Expression

    Hello All, i need some help figuring out how to write a regular expression to parse a very specific group of data from a large file, I have tried several patterns that I have found online but non of them return the results I'm trying to achieve. I have tried the following: But again it doesn't...