Android Question Parsing JSON string created with DBUtils.ExecuteJSON


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Created a JSON using DBUtils.ExecuteJSON by passing required parameters and then converted it into a string using toString method. Works fine. Verified that it's a valid JSON.

Now I want to parse this JSON and extract individual values. This generated JSON starts with root and I couldn't find a way to parse this string. The (sample) string that I get looks like this:
{"root":[{"field1":"M","field2":"1234567890","field3":1611920526063,"field4":"789","field5":"#Î@Í%Ì"}, "field1":"O","field2":"123","field3":1611930204138,"field4":"ed6bef4700dc7a4d1448a1ce862cef54","field5":"#Î@Í%Ì"}]}

Any code snippet to parse this string is really appreciated.

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Gabino A. de la Gala

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Super.. Thanks Gabino.
Who did this excellent work ? Kudos to him.


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