1. AKJammer

    B4J Question Credit Card Processing in B4J

    Hey All, Another question, sorry, I've got a lot of them. Basically what I'm trying to find is an interface where if I connected a credit card chip reader via USB I can process the card. Does anyone know if Paypal, Square, Venmo, etc have an API that would allow me to charge the credit...
  2. M

    B4A Library Paytm payment gateway Integration library

    Here is demo creation of paytm library which is very easy to integrate and will help you to get money by all the payment methods by debit card ,credit card ,net banking. We can provide you help with integrating it and provide full support of taking it to the prod environment. here is the demo...
  3. Star-Dust

    B4J Library MoneyEditText (class)

    On the Italian forum, I was asked if it was possible to create an editTex similar to the one found on PayPal, or generally the method of entering digits in the cash register. As you know it starts with the value 0.00 and digtat digits are inserted from the right to the left. The last two digits...
  4. Angel Garcia

    Android Question PayPal Credit card payment option not showing on Webview

    Hi All, I'm following this thread And i don't know why in a single Webview i'm not able to visualize the credit card payment option: I have tried the same html code in different browsers on computer(explorer and chrome so far)...
  5. I

    iOS Question Square Mobile SDK (willing to Pay)

    Hi All I need someone to help wrap the Square SDK for iOS Anyone interested, please let me know Thanks iCAB
  6. I

    Square mobile Payment SDK Wrapper

    Hi All I need someone to help wrap the Square SDK for iOS and Android. Anyone interested, please let me know