1. erol34

    B4J Tutorial Office Scanner tutorial

    Hi friends, I wrote a B4J program and a comprehensive tutorial in my blog page. It shows who is online in local network by names of persons. It scans 254 ip numbers in less than one minute.. You can see the complete source code and steps to follow for beginners, including installation and...
  2. Magma

    Share My Creation [B4J] MAGMA IP-Scanner (network utility)

    Hi there, Well I ve created a simple IP Scanner for Windows only (runs sure at, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11)... It uses jShell Library, so cmd, also ping.exe, ipconfig.exe, arp.exe... Is a good example how to use String, Regex, substring, indexof, Wait For... I am attaching only the .jar file - i...
  3. thetahsk

    B4R Library ESP32 Ping

    This is a B4R-ESP32 portation from Rename to rar and use winrar for decompression because rar attachment are not allowed. Sub Process_Globals Public Serial1 As Serial Private ping As ESP32Ping Private wifi As ESP8266WiFi End Sub...
  4. fbritop

    iOS Question iOS Pings

    I have searched the forum, but all post regarding the network ping are for checking internet connection (althow I found pretty more easy to request a web page). But my intention to use ping, is because I realy need the reply speed, as it is a way to decide to which of 5 serves I will connect...
  5. alirezahassan

    Android Question Analysis Internet B4A

    Hi all :) interesting thing! i want to show ping and packet loss to users. is there any way? or is there any code or library about it?
  6. Derek Johnson

    Android Code Snippet Testing for working Internet connnection

    Some time ago I published a code snippet for testing for a working Internet connection. A user ( ) recently pointed an error case that I had not encountered and I'd like to republish the resulting updated code snippet. Sub IsOnline As...
  7. Jmu5667

    Wish WebSocket Handler B4X

    Hello It would be great to have a built in PING function for the explicit purpose of keeping the data connection open. This would really apply on android 8.0+ when a service has a data connection open but you want to minimize the amount data to send over the connection. We have successfully...