1. I

    Android Question MethodNotAllowedHttpException: The GET method is not supported for this route.

    While the above error might seem straightforward, unfortunately it isn't. My app has an HTTP Post Multipart request that sends some parameters and a CSV file to the client's server. This is the relevant code. Dim fd As MultipartFileData fd.Initialize fd.KeyName = "filename" fd.Dir =...
  2. Abdull Cadre

    Share My Creation [Free] Post Maker app With the Post Creator you can add phrases to your images and share with others. SOME OF THE RESOURCES • Create beautiful images with phrases; • Layout customization; • Share with other users; • Great interface; • Style...
  3. AkuryuBR

    Android Question Error in private page with OkHttpUtils2

    Hi to all, i have made a App based on httpUtils, i pick my entry with php page and mysql_maria db, all work fine, now i decie to use private page with .htpasswd ah .htaccess and here come the problem. If i use this type of link http(s)/username:[email protected] in the browser (i have...
  4. aeric

    B4J Question [Solved] Posting JSON to Shopee API

    Shopee is an e-commerce platform. The documentation for their Open API is avaialble at I have developed a B4J Non-UI app but unable to get the expected results. B4J: When I use Postman to post the request, I get the correct result...
  5. C

    Android Question JSON Post, quotes in wrong place

    Hi everyone; I'm having a rough time posting a particular JSON object. The JSONParser works perfectly, but when the resulting map is posted, the quotes for the array type and JSON type end up in the wrong place, breaking the object. Sub btnSend_Click...
  6. I

    iOS Question WebView Post and cookies

    Hi All, Can someone help provide the equivalent B4I code to the one below Private Sub InvokeLoginURL(UrlToInvoke As String, UserName As String, Password As String ) If WebView1.IsInitialized = False Then WebView1.Initialize("WebView1") Activity.AddView(WebView1, 0, 0%y...
  7. I

    Android Question (Solved)WebView Post

    Hi Guys I am looking for an example that shows how to invoke a login page in webview. The page requires POST and passing the user name and password in json format. Thanks in advance iCAB

    Android Question PostMultipart for Images + strings for classic ASP api

    Hello, Im using PostMultipart for sending Images files and parameters strings to a server, but i have nothing into the post responses , no images, either strings? - is it depreciated like seen here :, and another...
  9. Multiverse app

    Android Question PostString Coinbase API error

    I've been trying to integrate the Coinbase API in my app for some time now. I was able to login and get access key with OAuth using webview. I am only having problems Sending money doc: curl / -X POST \...
  10. Argonc

    Android Question OkHttpUtils2 - POST with header

    How to do n B4A: curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/text" -d "you man" ? I try j.PostString ("", "you man") but it needs a header. so I try with header j.Head...
  11. Joan Paz

    B4J Question Send an image with ajax post to ABmaterial upload handler

    Hi! is possible send a .jpg picture to abmuploadhandler using a ajax post metod? I just want to send a after crooped picture to the server, not the original picture
  12. MarkusR

    Android Question [Solved] Post JSON to MS Web API

    [solved] Hello, i have a client app at phone (b4a) and a web server with iis and a vs studio 2017 web api project. i will post data as json to server (i used okhttputils2) and the server should deserialize the data into a object/class. but i facing the problem that nothing is deserialized and...