B4J Question Send an image with ajax post to ABmaterial upload handler

Discussion in 'B4J Questions' started by Joan Paz, May 29, 2018.

  1. Joan Paz

    Joan Paz Member

    Hi! is possible send a .jpg picture to abmuploadhandler using a ajax post metod?

    I just want to send a after crooped picture to the server, not the original picture
  2. Joan Paz

    Joan Paz Member

    I did solve it:

    ' refresh the page
    ' Tell the browser we finished loading
    ' restoring the navigation bar position

    Dim script As String = $"var image = document.getElementById('img1');
                                var cropper = new Cropper(image, {
                                  aspectRatio: 16 / 9,

                                  crop: function(event) {
                                $(".upload").click(function() {

                                              width: 160,
                                              height: 90,
                                              minWidth: 256,
                                              minHeight: 256,
                                              maxWidth: 4096,
                                              maxHeight: 4096,
                                              fillColor: '#fff',
                                              imageSmoothingEnabled: false,
                                              imageSmoothingQuality: 'high',

                                            // Upload cropped image to server if the browser supports `HTMLCanvasElement.toBlob`
                                            cropper.getCroppedCanvas().toBlob(function (blob) {
                                              var formData = new FormData();
                                              //formData.append('croppedImage', blob);   
                                              formData.append('imageFromCanvas', blob);
                                              // Use `jQuery.ajax` method
                                                method: "POST",
                                                data: formData,
                                                processData: false,
                                                contentType: false,
                                                success: function () {
                                                  console.log('Upload success');
                                                error: function () {
                                                  console.log('Upload error');


    Important: 1- http://localhost:8888/core-base/sandbox/ is the address of the class module in my app were i did the image upload.
    2- Add the library crooper.js in your BuildPage().


    Check the original example of cropper.js

    I hope help somebody!
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