1. DarkoT

    B4J Question PreferenceDialog - Options field - center/left/right

    Hi, Need little help. I'm using a preference dialog which loads Json structure for input data and have little problem with displaying choice options. Is possible to define the position of the chosen option; now is the right aligned. Can I define the left, center, right alignment of choice item?
  2. DarkoT

    Android Question PreferencesDialog - control value before user click on okay

    Hi guys, I need quick answer for using Preferences Dialog. I want to control input before user click on OK. For example - user will pick ITEM from Item List (is options type field, which will be fulfilled before form appears on screen). After the user choice the Item, I need to send...
  3. S

    Tool FormsBuilder View

    Hi, This is a tool to preview Preferences dialogs designed with Erel's Tool FormsBuilder on one or more devices at the same time. A practical way to see the result on different screen size, resolution and scale. 2 projects : - B4A FormsBuilder View : Preview a preferencesDialog - B4J...
  4. hears

    Android Question B4A PreferencesDialog cannot display title bar

    when my app is full screen mode. this dialogue will have no title bar. and only stay in top? of screen. how to move dialog window to center ?
  5. SayCheese

    Android Question Preferencesdialog v1.70 24hour time bug?

    I'm using the time type and 24hour option in the b4xpreferencesdialog library. I noticed that a 13:00 time in a map is converted to 1:00 in the preferencesdialog. After that the time can be set to 13:00 and is it stored as 13:00. After opening the preferencesdialog again the time is set back to...
  6. SayCheese

    Wish PreferencesDialog Timetemplate

    It would be nice to have some customization when using the time type in bxpreferencedialog. For instance having 24hour input. (so without the AM/PM). Or perhaps even better to have a timedialog/template like the datedialog/template to have it customized? On small devices the up/down arrows can...
  7. SayCheese

    Android Question Preferencesdialog time input

    Is it possible to change the input timeformat from 12 hours to 24 hour in the bxpreferencedialog? (so without the AM/PM). Or perhaps even better, is it possible to have a time dialog/template like the datedialog-template to have some customization?
  8. MarkusR

    Wish B4XPreferencesDialog

    i think this PreferencesDialog is great for collecting data. nice to have would be a image selector (example for a user image) select from an image list (product from products) measurements L x W x H/ dimensions in meter or cm weights in kg rating 1-5 stars
  9. Rubsanpe

    Bug? [SOLVED] New PreferencesDialog issues

    I've been trying the new PreferencesDialog option and it works really well. I only have two problems: 1) When I try to define a size for the dialog the vertical position the dialog takes is too high, leaving a lot of space at the bottom of the screen. Also the title of the dialog is not shown...