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This is a tool to preview Preferences dialogs designed with Erel's Tool FormsBuilder on one or more devices at the same time.
A practical way to see the result on different screen size, resolution and scale.

2 projects :
- B4A FormsBuilder View : Preview a preferencesDialog
- B4J FormsBuilder View : A modified version of Erel's Tool (add connection to the B4A device)

How it works ?
1) launch both applications (B4J and B4A)
2) B4J Enter the ip adrress(es) of your device(s)
3) B4J Load/create a preference dialog
4) B4J set the dimensions (dimensions are shown on the B4A device)
- 300 means 300px (bad idea)
- 300dip means ...... 300dip
- 80%x means 80% of the activity's width
- 80%y means 80% of the activity's height
5) B4J menu File/Preview (Ctrl+E) to view the result on the B4A devices.



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New version

Now you can preview PreferencesDialogs on multiple Devices at one time.

Enter all the ip addresses in the TextArea (One IP per line) on the right side


When you press Ctrl+E or select File - Preview, the preferencesDialog will be shown on all the devices. It's interesting to check differents screen size, resolution and scale.

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