1. T

    Android Question PreoptimizedCLV / Changing the orientation of the B4XSeekbar

    I have a question about the PreoptimizedCLV: Is it possible to display the integrated B4XSeekbar horizontally as well? If I set the CLV to horizontal, the Seekbar remains vertical... I would be grateful for any advice - thanks!
  2. K

    Android Question PreoptimizedCLV items scroll issue

    Hello everyone. Recently I have developed an Android app where users can post their food recipes and see others' recipes. All the data such as recipe name, recipe images, ingredients, preparation steps, etc are stored in a MySQL database of my shared hosting service. To show recipes as a list...
  3. D

    iOS Question ScrollToItem when use PreoptimizedCLV

    Hi, How to ScrollToItem when use PreoptimizedCLV?? When I remove PreoptimizedCLV and use this code, it works perfect. CLV.ScrollToItem(pos1) But, it not works when use PreoptimizedCLV. I also use this code. ' PreoptimizedCLV completed sleep(1000) CLV.ScrollToItem(pos1) But not work.
  4. F

    Android Question PreoptimizedCLV in another PreoptimizedCLV

    Hi all! im using PreoptimizedCLV with lazy loading with custom layouts and works perfect. In this case i need add another pclv in each custom layout to do something like this: The master pclv is vertical and in each item i have a custom layout with pclv1 horizontal if i add in only one item...
  5. red30

    Android Question Nested CustomListView and using PreoptimizedCLV

    I am creating a CustomListView "allclv" with a nested CustomListView "clvPhoto". In each clvPhoto I add 30 photos stored in DirInternal. This display of 5 of these CustomListView takes more than 20s, which is very long. Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) Activity.LoadLayout("Layout")...