Android Question PreoptimizedCLV in another PreoptimizedCLV

Hi all! im using PreoptimizedCLV with lazy loading with custom layouts and works perfect.

In this case i need add another pclv in each custom layout to do something like this:

Sin título.jpg

The master pclv is vertical and in each item i have a custom layout with pclv1 horizontal
if i add in only one item the layout with the pclv1 works but not if add 2 or more items with the layout

when y try to raise the _VisibleRangeChanged event for the pclv1 have problems with the load.

the pclv1_VisibleRangeChanged is only one and i need one per item in the master pclv



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Tip: don't use PreoptimizedCLV unless you need to show a huge number of items. In other cases it will be simpler to use the regular CLV with lazy loading.

You cannot nest scrollable containers. You can use CLVNested to nest lists:
im using PreoptimizedCLV because is easy and i dont know the amount of items. maybe one or 10k... and have images

im going to try the CLVNested... but if is any way to use PCLV with nested i would like learn...
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