printer bluetooth esc pos

  1. H

    Android Tutorial Print Made Easy

    After understanding this approach, printing will be painless for you forever. Requirements: - Any pdf file generation tool, I used HtmlToPdf lib. - Any base64 converting tool, I used Base64EncodeDecodeImage lib. - Rawbt printing service app, it is free and most downloaded app in play market...
  2. Pedro Caldeira

    Android Question EscPosPrinter and Android 11

    Hello All, My App prints (EscPOS Bluetooth printer) without errors or issues in Android 8 thru 10, but in Android 11 (Samsung Tab Active3) it can't print the whole ticket It always stop half way, even with resets between the prints, and after it misprints, I cannot print anything else. I have to...
  3. rafaelcamara

    Spanish bluetooth printer error Esc / pos

    Boa noite, tenho esse problema ao imprimir via bluetooth Esc / pos impressora, a primeira impressão sai perfeita mas sai o seguinte vários caracteres, sendo que estou enviando o comando para limpar o buffer sempre antes de imprimir e fechar a conexão quando terminar . Alguém tem alguma idéia do...