1. swChef

    Android Example Custom Intent Provider Requester Services, updated for Android 11 (API 30)

    Not long ago Don provided example Provider Requester Activity based communication via Intents. Although that Activity version had some hints in it for Service based version, it took several additional steps to get it working (Service Intent must be explicit, which may reflect more on my...
  2. Michael2150

    Android Question SecurityException when reading file from external app

    So I have 2 apps set up. One sending files and the other receiving the files. The app sending the files is written in Java, while the receiving end is written in B4a. When trying to retrieving the file from the results I get a SecurityException. Ive been stuck on this the past few days a bit of...
  3. M

    Android Question Share Audio Provider

    I have an application that shares audios, however, I need to upgrade it to sdk 27 using the provider This is my code Sub ShareAudioOn_Intent(folder As String,audiofile As String,intent As String) File.Copy(folder,audiofile,sFolder,audiofile)...