1. Star-Dust

    B4J Tutorial [B4X] Proxy Server Socks 4 and Proxy Http (Source Code)

    Many years ago I needed to sniff a connection and I didn't have a free sniffer available and I didn't know how to create one .... So after a long reflection I decided to create a Proxy Server in order to direct all the output of my pc to the server and sniff traffic. It was my first proxy server...
  2. Peachy

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] Websocket losing connection

    Hello, having an issue with our ABMaterial service, we have it set up behind an nginx reverse proxy which connects through ssl to cloudflare for our URL. For some reason recently the pages websocket has started to drop connection and reload itself, this happens on any page. if you would like to...
  3. K

    Android Question Setup Dynamic PAC Proxy file

    Hi I like to build an application that able to help users set up a dynamic PAC file for each wifi connection that they use. That anybody can help me how to made it, how to modify wifi info for auto proxy services. Thanks
  4. Bruce Axtens

    Share My Creation Epoxy - proxy address manager REST

    Can be found on github. Written some years ago to manage proxy addresses and store reliability notes. In-memory database. REST-based. MIT license.
  5. Patent

    B4J Question set Proxy to avoid CORS

    Dear community, wanna use a local Proxy in B4J to avoid CORS Problems. This is the Try: Sub Process_Globals Dim ho As String Dim po As Int End Sub Sub AppStart (Args() As String) ho="" 'local ip po=8080 Dim j As HttpJob j.Initialize("j", Me)...
  6. J

    B4J Question HttpJob proxy settings

    I try to use the proxy settings for HttpJob. This is my code: SetSystemProperty("http.proxyHost", ProxyHost) SetSystemProperty("http.proxyPort", ProxyPort) SetSystemProperty("http.proxyUser", ProxyUsername) SetSystemProperty("http.proxyPassword", ProxyPassword)...
  7. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Detect if your are connected to a proxy

    Hello, i was searching if there is a way to detect when the user is connected to a proxy in cellphone. I found this link about proxy Is there a way to implement this in B4A? And Could i detect if the user is connected to a proxy in...
  8. D

    iOS Question Websocket & Proxy

    Hi All. I'm Using Websocket for make a Realtime Connection With my Server. When Device Connects to Proxy, The Proxy Closes the My Application Connection Is There Any Way to Solve The Problem?