1. Bruce Axtens

    Share My Creation Epoxy - proxy address manager REST

    Can be found on github. Written some years ago to manage proxy addresses and store reliability notes. In-memory database. REST-based. MIT license.
  2. Patent

    B4J Question set Proxy to avoid CORS

    Dear community, wanna use a local Proxy in B4J to avoid CORS Problems. This is the Try: Sub Process_Globals Dim ho As String Dim po As Int End Sub Sub AppStart (Args() As String) ho="" 'local ip po=8080 Dim j As HttpJob j.Initialize("j", Me)...
  3. J

    B4J Question HttpJob proxy settings

    I try to use the proxy settings for HttpJob. This is my code: SetSystemProperty("http.proxyHost", ProxyHost) SetSystemProperty("http.proxyPort", ProxyPort) SetSystemProperty("http.proxyUser", ProxyUsername) SetSystemProperty("http.proxyPassword", ProxyPassword)...
  4. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Detect if your are connected to a proxy

    Hello, i was searching if there is a way to detect when the user is connected to a proxy in cellphone. I found this link about proxy Is there a way to implement this in B4A? And Could i detect if the user is connected to a proxy in...
  5. D

    iOS Question Websocket & Proxy

    Hi All. I'm Using Websocket for make a Realtime Connection With my Server. When Device Connects to Proxy, The Proxy Closes the My Application Connection Is There Any Way to Solve The Problem?