1. M

    Android Question [B4X] Cast Map to Custom Type

    Hi everyone I was wondering if it possibile to cast a Map object to a Custom type object that has the same fields. At the moment I'm doing with a function that manually get all the fields from the map. Thanks in advance
  2. AmirMK82

    Java Question Python 3.8 in B4A

    Hi, Thanks for B4x team & libraries developers I have two questions with NinjaPython library: -How Can I import python libraries in it? -How to give the inputs to it? for example: x = input() Thanks in advance šŸŒø
  3. Scotter


    Hi - I wonder if you have thought any about something like "B4P" or "P4A" or "P4i", using a Python-like syntax? As far as I know, there is not yet a
  4. Mashiane

    My First Personal Exposure to PC Programming: Pick, System Builder, Universe Objects

    Hey Decided to go back in time a little, amazed at what I found!! Just fresh from varsity aspiring to be a Chattered Accountant, then boom, use pick system builder to build an app. Now I understand why the hype about python. Mainframes! Seems like I can be able to try this out again...