qr reader

  1. B

    iOS Question b4i QR scaner

    Can someone give an example how with b4i create QR code reader. on B4a I used QRCodeView library. Is there something similar for IOS? Thanks in advance. Bojan from sLOVEnia
  2. walterf25

    Android Question Barcode Reader Rectangle position and offset

    Hi All, I just came across this thread while searching for a good Barcode Reader which can read very small barcode stickers, i found Erel's example using the CameraEx class which seems to work very good for my purpose, however i switched the orientation from landscape to portrait, i also...
  3. German Buchmuller

    Android Question PDF417 Reader

    Hi, how can I scan a PDF417 code with the zxing library? I dont get the scanner to scan it. Is there a way to make the scanner only scan PDF417 codes? Thanks!