1. amorosik

    Android Question Firebase Realtime db - where to find code example of B4J + B4A ?

    Where can I find a simple example of sending/receiving from a B4J console, and receiving/sending from an Android program using Firebase Realtime db? I've tried several examples from DonManfred and Fredo's 2016 posts, but there are a gret variety of library version, I can't compile or get the...
  2. Android_h2135

    Android Question B4A and Firebase.

    Hi. How can I connect the B4A and the Realtime database(Firebase) ? Send and receive my information to the Realtime database. please guide me...
  3. Alex Guerrero

    Android Question cURL to implement Firebase Realtimedatabase transaction

    Hello, I am trying to update data with conditional requests in Firebase Realtimedatabase, but I do not get the unique identifier or ETag, please can you help me, thanks. The idea is to implement a secure transaction in Firebase Realtimedatabase. The example base code is in the following link...