1. Oregon

    Listener для Firebase Realtime

    Доброго времени суток, уважаемые форумчане! Кто-нибудь может показать, как работать с Firebase Realtime Database? Удалось добиться записи в бд, а вот как прикрутить listener совсем не понятно. Спасибо
  2. 2SucresCelestin

    Android Question Firebase authentication with token

    I'm using Firebase's Realtime DB and wanted like with most of API WS authenticate through using API web token. I don't know at all why i get this error when i use the token. Thanks you all
  3. amorosik

    Android Question Firebase Realtime db - where to find code example of B4J + B4A ?

    Where can I find a simple example of sending/receiving from a B4J console, and receiving/sending from an Android program using Firebase Realtime db? I've tried several examples from DonManfred and Fredo's 2016 posts, but there are a gret variety of library version, I can't compile or get the...
  4. Android_h2135

    Android Question B4A and Firebase.

    Hi. How can I connect the B4A and the Realtime database(Firebase) ? Send and receive my information to the Realtime database. please guide me...
  5. Alex Guerrero

    Android Question cURL to implement Firebase Realtimedatabase transaction

    Hello, I am trying to update data with conditional requests in Firebase Realtimedatabase, but I do not get the unique identifier or ETag, please can you help me, thanks. The idea is to implement a secure transaction in Firebase Realtimedatabase. The example base code is in the following link...