1. G

    Android Question Find out time of last rebooted of the device

    I need to know when the phone was restarted last time because then step count changes. Any chance to to get this?
  2. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Starting B4XPages from a service module

    Greetings, We have a B4XPages app that includes a service module that starts with #StartAtBoot: true. Because B4XPages doesn't start upon a phone reboot, we would like to start B4XPages from that module when the user reboots their phone. Maybe something like this? #Region Service Attributes...
  3. amorosik

    Italian [B4A] Come 'vedere' sistema operativo che si sta riavviando?

    App su Android 10, un service, in attesa di comandi via mqtt provenienti da pc X Se l'operatore avvia la sequenza per riavviare o spegnere il sistema operativo, avrei bisogno di informare (sparargli un messaggio) il pc X che l'app sta per essere chiusa, e magari anche il motivo per cui questo...
  4. amorosik

    Italian B4A - Che codice per eseguire reboot Android ?

    Vedo su AppStore che esistono delle app (come POWER MENU et similia) per eseguire lo shutdown oppure il reboot sistema operativo Android E funzionano pure su dispositivi di serie, senza permessi di root La domanda e': come fare, da codice B4A, ad eseguire il reboot o shutdown Android, su...
  5. E

    B4R Question B4R NumberFormat string buffer overwrite or out-of-bounds?

    I am sending ASCII text lines via the serial-over-USB ESP32-PC link, and it was working great until I used NumberFormat. I have tried this code on two different ESP32 modules: Private Sub AppStart Serial1.Initialize(115200) Log("AppStart") Dim B1() As Byte = "Packet #"...
  6. I

    Android Question Kiosk example not working after rebooting (DOOGEE X10)

    Hello all, First, thanks for B4A I am using it since about a month and it is really nice to use. I am currently developping a kiosk application which I test on a DOOGEE X10, which is a low cost phone running on android 6.0. I tried to use the example given by Eren...
  7. Sandman

    Bug? NB6 crashes Sony Xperia M5 hard, forcing phone reboot

    For some reason NB6 crashes Sony Xperia M5 (and perhaps more phones) when using NB6. To reproduce: - Download the official NB6 (including the updated NB6.bas) and install - Try the first notification - Message on screen: "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped" Result in pic below. After...