release mode

  1. A

    iOS Question How compile in release mode ?

    I'm new in B4I, now I need to compile in release mode, how I must do ? In the combo of the compile mode there is only DEBUG ! Many thanks to all.
  2. Arnaud

    iOS Question Release Private error

    Hello, I have addd the feature "NFC" for my iOS APP. I have change my Bundle ID from "Wildcard" com.alfano.b4i.* to "Explicit" com.alfano.b4i.Alfano6 It works fine in "Debug mode" but not in "Release Private mode". I get an error (picture in attchment) but I don t understand where...
  3. D

    iOS Question App crashes in release but OK in debug

    Hi Guys I have a problem, I can get my App to crash in its release version but cannot duplicate it in debug. In release version I can duplicate the crash every time by showing a particular page - then pressing the back button - and then selecting to show the same page again. Other pages appear...