1. R

    Android Question Altering name of customview class module and designer view

    I have a customview class module that I would like to rename. Doing this will cause a problem in all the layout files that have this customview added to the layout as it remains added with the old name and it won't recognize the new name. As there are many layout files with this customview it...
  2. A

    Android Question ExternalStorage - Rename a folder.

    After selecting a folder - is it possible to rename it? If this is not possible, then how can I rename a folder in an arbitrary location?
  3. C

    Bug? Inline changing upper/lower case letters of a class not possible

    Hello, My product used: B4A 11.0 To reproduce the bug: -Make a new project -Create a class, in my case a b4Xpage class. (for example "abc") -Navigate to the modules tab -Rightclick your class ("abc") -Select rename -Make one char upper or lower case, without retyping the class name. ("Abc")...
  4. LucaMs

    B4J Library [Tool] [Source code] lmRenameB4XPagesProject

    A tool to rename B4XPages project files. As you know, a typical B4XPages project looks something like this: If you want to change the project name, you need to manually rename 6 files - 2 for each platform - and the "main root folder" if desired (very often). In particular, you know how...
  5. MarkusR

    Wish File.Rename and File.Delete(into trashcan)

    i missing a rename in File. also delete into windows/linux trashcan.
  6. MarkusR

    Bug? Rename Classes let a copy in the folder

    hello, i renamed many classes and today i see the old file is still there in folder. create save rename save there a 2 files. please delete the old one in trash can or just rename it.