Bug? Inline changing upper/lower case letters of a class not possible


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My product used: B4A 11.0

To reproduce the bug:
-Make a new project
-Create a class, in my case a b4Xpage class. (for example "abc")
-Navigate to the modules tab
-Rightclick your class ("abc")
-Select rename
-Make one char upper or lower case, without retyping the class name. ("Abc")
-The class name isn't updated,("abc") as there was no difference check between upper and lower case, so B4A doesn't change the class name.

Workaround: Rename the class with a temporary other name / letter inside, and rename it with the correct upper and lower cases.
"abc" -> "abc1" ->"Abc"

I have the same issue in B4J V8.80

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