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    Android Question App crashes without any error

    Hello my app was working fine until i came to work on it but there was an error -> Maven artifact not found: (It was working before this error) So i opened sdk manager and selected AND...
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    B4J Library jCrystalReports Library

    Hi all. I would like to share this jCrystalReports Library. (For now it supports MS SQL JTDS, MS SQL SQLJDBC, MySQL, Oracle and SQLite) I think I'm wrong, the java code in this library doesn't restrict to any jdbc connection and you can configure any jdbc in crystal reports as long is in the...
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    B4J Library jJasperReports Library

    Hi. I want to share this jJasperReports library with the community. It needs several libraries to work. I provided a link: download ---More libraries needed (missing from the first link): download You also need to download databases jdbc drivers: sql jdts, mysql and oracle All jars need to be...