1. M

    Android Question Log RAW HTTP request

    Hi everyone I'm using OkHttpUtils2 to perform some HTTP requests but I need to debug phone-side because the server crashes and I have no way to see why. So I need to log ALL the request content that the phone is sending: headers, body, everything. thanks in advance
  2. red30

    Android Question Re-request permission

    I am requesting several permissions to use bluetooth. Permissions = Array("android.permission.BLUETOOTH_SCAN", "android.permission.BLUETOOTH_CONNECT", rp.PERMISSION_ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) For Each per As String In Permissions rp.CheckAndRequest(per) Wait For...
  3. W

    Android Question Http's Request's Timeout seems not be configured

    Hi, I am using library OkHttpUtils2 and find the timeout of Http's request sticked to around 20 seconds but cannot be assigned. My testing codes is: #Region Activity Attributes #FullScreen: False #IncludeTitle: True #End Region Sub Process_Globals 'These global variables will be...
  4. M

    Android Question "Heavy work" and freezing - multithread?

    Hi everyone, I've an app that need to download an huge dataset. We are talking about making a http request the return a json of 8000 rows, that need to be stored in a local SQL DB in the device. Now.. the problem is the following: downloading and storing all the rows in the DB takes a while...
  5. lnxpy

    Android Question Getting "Bad Request" in posting JSON Data to an Endpoint

    Hey guys, hope you're doing well. I want to create an application to post some JSON data to an endpoint and get a field from the returned response. Whenever I click the button it takes back with the "Bad Request" error and says that two "title" and "script" fields are required. (I've already...
  6. Chris Tyrie

    Wish VEML6075 Library wrap

    I give up. I can't wrap libraries. The data I get is nonsensical. Can someone wrap either... There's an under the table bribe to your paypal...
  7. Alexander Stolte

    B4J Question jServer limit request per minute

    Hey, how can i set a limit for request from the same IP for example in one minute? with AddDosFilter("/*",CreateMap("maxRequestsPerSec": 10,"delayMs": -1)) i can set the max request per sec from the same ip, but this is too short... Greetings
  8. MarkusR

    Wish Access Fields in Type at Runtime

    hello, it seems missing if we have a type like this one Type Data(a As String,b As Int, c As Float) dim test as Data i like to have access this struct via name (and index) test.Field("a") = "abc" test.Field("b") = 123 something like foreach field in test log(field) next