Wish VEML6075 Library wrap

Discussion in 'B4R Bugs & Wishlist' started by Chris Tyrie, Aug 29, 2019.

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  1. Chris Tyrie

    Chris Tyrie Member Licensed User

  2. thetahsk

    thetahsk Active Member Licensed User

    Don't give up.
    Here's a small example of an quick and dirty transportation from veml6075_fulltest.ino to B4R.
    Install the Adafruit BUS-IO libs https://www.arduinolibraries.info/libraries/adafruit-bus-io and the VEML6075 libs in your Arduino IDE.

    #Region Project Attributes
    #AutoFlushLogs: True
    #CheckArrayBounds: True
    #StackBufferSize: 300
    #End Region

    Sub Process_Globals
    Public Serial1 As Serial
    Private UVA,UVB,UVI As Float
    Private timer1 As Timer
    End Sub

    Private Sub AppStart
    End Sub

    Sub timer1_Tick
    "read_UVA_UVB_UVIndex",1)    ' 0 for simulation / 1 for normal operation
        Log("UVA=",UVA," UVB=",UVB," UVI=",UVI)
    End Sub

    Sub VEML6075_Setup()
    End Sub

    #if C
     // https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_VEML6075/tree/master/examples/veml6075_fulltest
    #include <Wire.h>
    #include <Adafruit_VEML6075.h>

    Adafruit_VEML6075 uv = Adafruit_VEML6075();

    void setup(B4R::Object* o) {
      Serial.println("VEML6075 Full Test");
      if (! uv.begin()) {
        Serial.println("Failed to communicate with VEML6075 sensor, check wiring?");
      Serial.println("Found VEML6075 sensor");
       // Set the integration constant
      // Get the integration constant and print it!
      Serial.print("Integration time set to ");
      switch (uv.getIntegrationTime()) {
        case VEML6075_50MS: Serial.print("50"); break;
        case VEML6075_100MS: Serial.print("100"); break;
        case VEML6075_200MS: Serial.print("200"); break;
        case VEML6075_400MS: Serial.print("400"); break;
        case VEML6075_800MS: Serial.print("800"); break;

      // Set the high dynamic mode
      // Get the mode
      if (uv.getHighDynamic()) {
        Serial.println("High dynamic reading mode");
      } else {
        Serial.println("Normal dynamic reading mode");

      // Set the mode
      // Get the mode
      if (uv.getForcedMode()) {
        Serial.println("Forced reading mode");
      } else {
        Serial.println("Continuous reading mode");

      // Set the calibration coefficients
      uv.setCoefficients(2.22, 1.33,  // UVA_A and UVA_B coefficients
                         2.95, 1.74,  // UVB_C and UVB_D coefficients
                         0.001461, 0.002591); // UVA and UVB responses
     void read_UVA_UVB_UVIndex(B4R::Object* o) {
      if (o->toULong()<1) {
      Serial.println("Simulation ");
      Serial.print("Raw UVA reading:  "); Serial.println(uv.readUVA());
      Serial.print("Raw UVB reading:  "); Serial.println(uv.readUVB());
      Serial.print("UV Index reading: "); Serial.println(uv.readUVI());
    #end if
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