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  1. N

    B4J Question Newbie Question: Creating a cross platform app

    Hi, I am new to B4X and am trying to build a desktop (Windows, Mac and Android), Apple (iPhone and iPad), Android (Phone and Tablet). I understand that I will need to create the UI in B4I, B4J and B4A but I will have lots of logic that needs to be shared between the different B4? products but...
  2. Alejandro Moyano

    Android Question [SOLVED] When i PUT a JSON the server responses bad request

    Hi im working on a Flask restfull API for a Android App, as is my first android client i having troubles with a PUT request, i send the json but the server responces bad request, the reason: the backend can't parse the json. I printed it on the log an paste it on "Postman" and its work very...
  3. FrostCodes

    B4J Library Cuppify - build Modern REST API's with ease

    A Professional B4J framework that allows you to build Modern REST API's with ease. You can download: HERE You can download JsonGenerator2 from here It is with the source code. You can upload your fixes or extra extensions to it and share and it would be merged if useful to the official...