B4J Question Newbie Question: Creating a cross platform app

Nathan Wright

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Hi, I am new to B4X and am trying to build a desktop (Windows, Mac and Android), Apple (iPhone and iPad), Android (Phone and Tablet).

I understand that I will need to create the UI in B4I, B4J and B4A but I will have lots of logic that needs to be shared between the different B4? products but this is where I am confused. The UI will be talking to a REST API that I have created and the communication SUBs will be the same and this is what I want to share between all the apps.

Can anyone recommend a tutorial or forum posts or documentation that would help me understand how this should be done.




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Check out Erel's videos:

The videos named "XUI - Cross platform UI" and "XUI Cross Platform Example" show a use case where you share the same code within the B4X platform.
Those can be a good start.
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