1. Alexander Stolte

    B4J Library [B4X] Firebase Auth REST API

    Not all API commands I have implemented and tested, if you have problems, then ask in the comments or in a new thread. With this class you can register and log in your users via email and password. And a lot more... Setup: put your API Key in the Class_Globals Private const API_KEY As String...
  2. Songwut K.

    Android Example B4A and PHP REST

    Thanks @Erel for free version that I plan to buy but donate instead. I'll share my B4A knowledge in Thailand, your great product must popular, later. PHP is well known for web developer, it cheap resource and easy to learn in Thailand. Backend system easy manage by PHP & MySQL but till now...
  3. rebuz

    German Zertifikat Problem bei REST Aufruf

    Hallo, ich versuche via einem Httpjob eine Rest API anzusprechen. leider bekomme ich immer die gleiche Meldung: ResponseError. Reason: Trust anchor for certification path not found., Response: aus meiner Sicht...
  4. F

    Android Question Google Cloud Storage upload

    Hello all, What I'd like to accomplish is to simply upload a file (zip) to a bucket that I've already created on Google Cloud Storage. REST API URI is given as:[BUCKET_NAME]/o?uploadType=media&name=[OBJECT_NAME] I do understand that I need...
  5. FrostCodes

    B4J Library Cuppify - build Modern REST API's with ease

    A Professional B4J framework that allows you to build Modern REST API's with ease. You can download: HERE You can download JsonGenerator2 from here It is with the source code. You can upload your fixes or extra extensions to it and share and it would be merged if useful to the official...
  6. DonManfred

    Android Tutorial [B4X] Working with GoogleTasks using REST

    GoogleTasks are a Task list (ToDo List, Shopping List, whateveryouwant list) In this small Tutorial i want to share my findings while i played around with GoogleTasks. In fact i´m not finished playing with it ;-) Based on @Erel answer that it most probably work in B4J and B4i too i added [B4X]...