1. J

    Android Question Result Set crash when fetching NextRow

    Hi, I want to ask a little question. I have a project that take 8 image using camera intent. I put the picture in B4XImageView, after that I get the bitmap and save it to SQLite. Few reason why I must save to SQLite. - I need to send this bitmap (will be converted to Base64) to web server via...
  2. DarkoT

    Wish Sql/ResultSet

    I think that will be very useful when I can get number of records in ResultSet. When I want to show user how the process running and how long will take for all updates in database, I need first to calculate number of all records (select count(*) from MyTable where ...) and after this I can show...
  3. R

    Android Question Close ResultSet if declared locally?

    Is there any benefit in closing a resultset if it is only declared locally? I am guessing resources are freed and the cursor is closed in any case if the Sub has finished. RBS
  4. A

    Android Question Result SET don't see column

    Hi all, I'm developing an app with b4xtable and I wish to import data from a sqllite DB. I have used the Erel's tutorial (B4XTable - Load data from SQL database). Dim rs As ResultSet = sql.ExecQuery("SELECT coalesce(via,"") as via, coalesce(nome_azienda,"") as cliente, coalesce(citta,"") as...
  5. J

    Android Question Row too big to fit into CursorWindow

    Hello! I'm getting this error when I do a SQL Select from in SQLite. The data is not big, the query only selecting 3 columns and getting 8 rows of data. android.database.sqlite.SQLiteBlobTooBigException: Row too big to fit into CursorWindow requiredPos=7, totalRows=8 at...
  6. peacemaker

    B4J Library [Class] ResultCursor: cursor-like SQLite database object for compatibility with Android Cursor

    IMHO, cross-platform ResultSet class has disadvantages comparing to Android's cursor: access to any row, iterating the set many times (questions: one, two). And if there is a need to clone Android project with many Cursors objects to B4J ResultSet - i guess, such new class may help to simplify...
  7. G

    Android Question [Solved][B4XTable] Crash in ResultSet if click on "Recents" phone button

    I use one sub with code attached below that suppose to fill a list with a B4XTable rows. It works great, but if accidentally I have clicked on "Recents" button on the phone while the code is in the "Do While rs.NextRow " loop the app will crash with the error listed below. Not sure what would...
  8. DALB

    Android Question Non correct extraction from SQLite (May be)

    Hello everyone, In the code below, when I extract datas from a table, I find a special behaviour decribed here: The log renders the good answers for two datas LAT and LON, but if I try to put them in two EditTexts, the result is 0. Do I miss something ? Thanks
  9. R

    Android Question ResultSet RowCount after Close

    Noticed that after closing a ResultSet (closing the ResultSet and freeing resources) the RowCount remains as before closing the ResultSet. As I have a number of module level ResultSets that remain open I added a Sub to keep track of these and close all open ResultSets if there was a memory...
  10. uniplan

    Android Question Strange CursorIndexOutOfBoundsException

    I have a strange problem (only on any smartphone) when i try to get value from resultset when inside result set i keep the blob column. android.database.CursorIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index -1 requested, with a size of 1 at this point dim value as string = rst.GetString2(0) or for blob Dim...
  11. Harris

    Android Code Snippet DBUtils 2 - New Method - HasRecords

    While converting my code (to make compatible with A, i, J) from using: Private Cursor as Cursor --- to: Private Cursor as ResultSet I found the need to determine if the dataset has any rows... (like: Cursor.RowCount - which does not exist in ResultSet). I added this method to my DBUtils...
  12. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Necessity of closing databases and resultsets?

    Hello. Is it necessary to call the "close" method on a database once we're done with it? What about result sets? Is it necessary to close them? Thanks in advance.
  13. icefairy333

    B4J Code Snippet get col type exactly with dbutils(ResultSetMetaData)

    dbutils 'version 1.20 Sub Process_Globals Type dbOptret (success As Boolean,msg As String) Public conpool As ConnectionPool Private curDbType As Int=0 Public DB_REAL, DB_INTEGER, DB_BLOB, DB_TEXT As String DB_REAL = "REAL" DB_INTEGER = "INTEGER" DB_BLOB = "BLOB"...