Android Question Non correct extraction from SQLite (May be)


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Hello everyone,

In the code below, when I extract datas from a table, I find a special behaviour decribed here:
The log renders the good answers for two datas LAT and LON, but if I try to put them in two EditTexts, the result is 0.

Do I miss something ?

Dim synt As String
Dim Lcurs As ResultSet

synt="SELECT * FROM pev WHERE Villes = '" & ValVille & "'"
Lcurs= Starter.SQL1.ExecQuery(synt)
'>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HERE THE RESULT APPEARS AND IT's CORRECT
Log("Lcurs " & Lcurs.GetString("LAT")) ' 34
Log("Lcurs " & Lcurs.GetString("LON")) ' 69
'>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HERE THE RESULT IS 0 FOR THE TWO EditTexts
txtLat.Text=Lcurs.GetString("LAT") ' 0
txtLon.Text=Lcurs.GetString("LON") ' 0



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Exact, Thanks !!!
An other processus works parallely !
Some days I'd rather to go fishing !
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