1. fprobst

    B4J Question [SOLVED] MS SQL Stored procedure - return value

    Hello, I am using a MS SQL Server an useing the library "SQLCallPRoc Version 1-10" from keirS I have the following stored procedure: CREATE procedure [dbo].[sp_TMS_BuchenPersKommt]( @cPersNr char(10), @dDatum AMSDate, @dZeit AMSTime, @cGrund char(1) ) as begin set...
  2. mcqueccu

    Android Question Activity.finish not working as expected

    I have 2 activities - Main and actPage2. Now I have a condition that when its met, the main activity should end and start the second activity(actPage2). My problem is the code runs even after Activity.Finish line. The only way it works is when i add return after the activity.finish or use Else...
  3. C

    Android Question wait for Jobdone synchronous

    I am using the ZXing library to scan a barcode which returns in the zx1_scan_result () routine. I currently call a subroutine in my activity that displays the scan result in a text field. However, what I need to accomplish is to take the scantext value, launch an httpjob to do an SQL query and...