1. L

    Android Question Sunmi L2s RFID Tag Reader Help !!

    Hello everyone, is there anyone who can help me ? I need to read UHF RFID tags with a Sunmi L2s terminal running Android version 9. SUNMI provides an SDK with examples written with android studio. Unfortunately I don't understand anything in the examples. The library to use is...
  2. walterf25

    Java Question Extends Service Library

    Hi All, i am currently working on a NFCEmulator library wrapper, i found a full project online which emulates an NFC card and another project that acts as the reader, i have been able to run both of these projects with Android Studio and they both seem to work as expected. Now i am trying to...
  3. kolbe

    B4R Library rPN532 RFID reader/writer

    Here's a library using the Adafruit arduino library for SPI and I2C access to the PN532 RFID/Near Field Communication chip. I've tested the SPI but not I2C. I've also tested all the Mifare functions. Not all the methods in the original library are exposed as at this point I'm not sure what they...
  4. S

    Italian Leggere UID Mifare Classic 1k

    Buona sera a tutti, ho la necessità di leggere il solo seriale di una card RFID Mifare Classic 1k. Ho fatto un pò di ricerche ma sinceramente mi stò perdendo... Qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi o indirizzarmi verso una soluzione? Vi ringrazio anticipatamente.
  5. G

    Android Question Wrapper for a RFID reader SDK ?

    Hi, I'm new to B4A and one of the projects I've been working is to develop a simple app for RFID Reading and external database insertion of the results, using an existing reader and its sdk, witten in Java. So far I've looked upon Wrappers, using external java libs and using java inline code in...