Android Question Wrapper for a RFID reader SDK ?


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I'm new to B4A and one of the projects I've been working is to develop a simple app for RFID Reading and external database insertion of the results, using an existing reader and its sdk, witten in Java.
So far I've looked upon Wrappers, using external java libs and using java inline code in B4A. The problem is that I'm not skilled enough in Java and my timeline is short to present some results.
I have the Java API for the device and a fully functional android studio demo for the reader, which I succeded in compiling and installing in the device. The lib does not look too complex, and is fully documented. Need someone to create a wrapper for me or give me some detailed guidance in using the other alternatives, if possible. I'm going to use only a part of the lib. I can send the lib and and the demo program upon request.
Thanks in advance.