1. alangonzalez91

    Spanish Recurso, convertir palabra string a color RGB, manteniendo paridad de palabra=color / GetColorForWord

    Buenas, comparto estas funciones que convierten string a color RGB. Lo que posibilita dar colores únicos a palabras, y siempre que se ingrese esa palabra o string dará el color correspondiente a esa palabra, lo que elimina la necesidad de almacenar el RGB correspondiente ya que la misma se...
  2. jroriz

    B4J Question Paint a label based on its value

    Hi. Is there a better way to acomplish this? I need to paint a label, based on the value, from light red to solid green, passing through the yellow. My solution: ' Use: myLabel.Style = Paint(mylabel.text) Sub Paint(value As Double) As String Dim rgb As String If value > 90 Then rgb =...
  3. Blueforcer

    B4J Library jYeelight

    This is a simple library that allows you to control the 15$ Xiaomi´s YeeLight WiFi RGB LED bulbs (real alternative to Phillips Hue) through your LAN. So far only tested with the RGB version (v1) but maybe it works also with the white bulb and strips. You need to enable “Lan Control” in the...