1. M

    Android Question Execute the (getevent -l) command at the root

    Hello. Forgive my weakness in English. How to use the getevent -l command in your program? getevent is for listening to Android events. My device is rooted. I used this method, it does not answer, it has an error. See the link ...
  2. H

    Android Example Check if Device Rooted

    I hope this example helpful It will check if the device is rooted or no.
  3. LucaMs

    Android Question B4XPages - Root click?

    Activity_Click : Activity = X : Root X = ? :)
  4. LucaMs

    Android Question [Solved] B4XPages - Root is animated

    I get an ugly effect when showing a B4XPages. I set the layout Animation duration to 0ms, but I think that the Root Pane(l) is animated. I tried: Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView) Root1.SetLayoutAnimated(0, Root1.Left, Root1.Top, Root1.Width, Root1.Height) Root = Root1...
  5. amorosik

    Italian B4A - Che codice per eseguire reboot Android ?

    Vedo su AppStore che esistono delle app (come POWER MENU et similia) per eseguire lo shutdown oppure il reboot sistema operativo Android E funzionano pure su dispositivi di serie, senza permessi di root La domanda e': come fare, da codice B4A, ad eseguire il reboot o shutdown Android, su...
  6. S

    French Accéder aux fichiers cachés

    Bonjour, Savez-vous comment je pourrais récupérer la BDD des musiques que l'on a enregistrés de shazam ? Il nous est impossible de voir le fichier car il faut rooté son tel ... chose que je ne peux pas faire sur le mien pour l'instant. Comment accéder à ce fichier avec les bonnes permissions...
  7. P

    Android Question Is it possible to create root by the application?

    Is there any way to root on some devices just by the application? If I have I am willing to buy a project. I am creating a system of intelligence for the disabled and I need permissions where only with root I can access (touchevent)