1. German Buchmuller

    B4J Question Run GUI on Raspberry PI OS Lite (No Desktop)

    Hi. I need to run a UI B4j App in a Raspberry PI. If I install openjdk11 in the RPI with Raspberry PI OS Full (with desktop), the app runs fine. However, I am trying to run the app with Raspberry PI OS Lite (no desktop environment). bj4-bridge runs fine, but when I try to compile and run a UI...
  2. bdunkleysmith

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Connect RPi to WiFi via code

    With it clear that an Arduino would not support my project and the recommendation that I should upgrade to a RPI covered in the thread rMQTT HostName with query parameters and despite my previous less than satisfactory experience with RPi projects, I'm pleasantly surprised with progress, however...
  3. Waldemar Lima

    B4J Question how can i record video by camera from RPI 3 and send video to PC ?

    hi everyone ! i would like know how can i get a recording video from RPI and send using sockets or websocket to PC . someone know a way to do it ?