B4J Question Run GUI on Raspberry PI OS Lite (No Desktop)

German Buchmuller

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Hi. I need to run a UI B4j App in a Raspberry PI. If I install openjdk11 in the RPI with Raspberry PI OS Full (with desktop), the app runs fine.
However, I am trying to run the app with Raspberry PI OS Lite (no desktop environment). bj4-bridge runs fine, but when I try to compile and run a UI app, it crashes.
This is since it tries to open it with GTK platform, but RPI OS Lite doesnt have a desktop environment so it crashes.

I found the following tutorial on how to run JavaFX apps in RPI OS Lite:

In that tutorial runs it using Monocle. But, if I try to run my B4J App on my RPI:
sudo java -jar -Dglass.platform=Monocle MyApp.jar
It will crash with something related to libpangox missing file.

Anybody knows how to run UI Apps on Raspberry OS Lite (no desktop)?