1. T

    Android Question Serial Comm, AsyncStreams with B4A ...Chars and Numbers Problem Solved !!!! :-)

    Hello, use B4A --> to send commands to Attiny how can i send textcommands like "r" or Data like "50" as ascii char ? i tried some with byteconverter and StringtoHex.... but nothing is successfull... Have anybody idea how i can send Textcommands ?... Thousend Thanks Heinz
  2. amorosik

    B4J Question Virtual Serial Port - how to create one or more port on B4J enviroment ?

    When using systems that use the rs232 port to communicate, it is very convenient to use software for creating virtual rs232 ports like these Virtual Serial Port The utility consists in the fact that two or more ports can be connected together to create a bridge between two applications, allowing...
  3. amorosik

    Italian Trasmettere informazioni da telefono a telefoni, senza usare server terzi

    Volendo trasmettere informazioni, diciamo un centinaio di byte/sec, da un telefono verso molti telefoni, SENZA l'ausilio d un server esterno (web, mqtt, firebase,...) , quindi solamente da telefono a telefoni, cosa usereste? Per meglio capire l'obiettivo finale => Pesata bilancia su piu'...
  4. amorosik

    Android Question n.1 rs232 server ==>> n.X rs232 client - via internet communication

    I have a device, a weighing scale with rs232 output In several different geographical places (therefore not connectable via cable) there are led numeric displays that must show information such as when it is produced by the scale I would like to connect the 'producer' scale to the 'user' display...
  5. J

    Android Question Android 4.4.2 Raad Data ttyS0

    Hello a lot of time has passed. Did you solve this problem? I have a computer with android 4.4.2, this comes with 4 serial ports rs232 (I use ttyS6). It works very well only after running Serial_Port_Api (Console option). but if I do not run I can not read data by ttyS6. The code is: Sub...