running on linux

  1. avalle

    B4J Question Chilkat bundle for Linux server

    I'm interested in using the wrapper for the Chilkat libraries in a B4J server application running on Linux in a public cloud. I'm assuming that the work @DonManfred published at is packaged for use on Windows. Forgive my...
  2. CVR

    Android Question por que no están disponibles para linux las plataformas b4x? || Why are the b4x platforms not available for linux?

    Quiero cambiarme completamente a linux, quiero olvidarme de windows. Mi unico problema es la aplicación b4a (tengo muhcos proyectos funcionales desarrollados con el IDE) y la verdad me encanta mucho. ¿hay algún proyecto para desarrollar el IDE para linux? I want to completely switch to linux...
  3. B

    Android Question B4a on Linux Ubuntu

    Hello! Cam across this thread about running B4A on Linux. However, the java sources are no longer available and i cannot find any zip-archive for 32-bit. Just an exe, for 32-bit from Oracle witch fails to install via Wine...
  4. Mihai Rainer Jr.

    Other Running B4X products on Linux with PlayOnLinux

    I have managed to successfully run B4A and B4J on Xubuntu 18.04, by using PlayOnLinux and I thought it will be a good idea to share this with the community. First of all, I need to say that you will need a windows installation of B4A to manage android SDK, since B4ASdkManager is not running...