Android Question por que no están disponibles para linux las plataformas b4x? || Why are the b4x platforms not available for linux?


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Quiero cambiarme completamente a linux, quiero olvidarme de windows. Mi unico problema es la aplicación b4a (tengo muhcos proyectos funcionales desarrollados con el IDE) y la verdad me encanta mucho.

¿hay algún proyecto para desarrollar el IDE para linux?

I want to completely switch to linux, I want to forget about windows. My only problem is the b4a application (I have many functional projects developed with the IDE) and I really love it a lot. Is there a project to develop the IDE for linux?


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I'm currently looking into moving to Linux as well and started with @Mihai Rainer Jr. 's thread to which @William Lancee referred. I (being a complete Linux n00b) bumped into some issues like 32bit vs 64bit installations and managed to solve them; in the near future I'll be adding a step by step thread with my findings (testing all my B4J stuff now, then B4A, and then I'll post).
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