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  1. S

    Android Question Save settings common across multiple applications

    I'm having a hard time grasping how to save settings that are shared by multiple applications. Like let's say I have a company that has 5 applications and I want my users to login to just one of them, but maintain login across all 5. I know how to process login. I know how to save a map to a...

    Android Question Migration SQLite during app Updating

    Hello, Ok, i know that no Sqlite data will be lost during an upgrade, only when we uninstall the app. But if i need to change the data format between 2 versions, (in this case, add a field) i would have to implement some migration code. what is the just method for doing this ? Thanks Michel
  3. M

    Android Question How to preserve FocusMode of a camera?

    I've created a TimeElapse widget which runs an activity in regular time intervals and this activity then takes a picture. A problem occured - with each call, the activity initialize the camera again and the default settings are set (focus, etc..) and the setting I created is lost. I need for...
  4. ocalle

    Wish Autosave programmable time

    Hello, I wish that in the editor theres an option to autosave the project with a time lapse. That be useful for countries when the power energy sometimes go off as Word of Office.
  5. E

    Android Question Adding and saving data in app

    Hi, I'm struggling to save data from spinner element after I add new data. I was tried using StateManager but it didn't save new/additional data after restart. So for example if I use Spinner.Add("new data or whatever") I would like to have that after I restart app (so basically keep that change...