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  1. Alexander Stolte

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] AS Settings

    Introducing a new library that allows you to create your own settings page with minimal code. This library comes equipped with automatic saving and loading features, making it incredibly easy to manage your settings. It supports booleans, free text, numbers, comboboxes, action buttons and more...
  2. S

    Android Question Save settings common across multiple applications

    I'm having a hard time grasping how to save settings that are shared by multiple applications. Like let's say I have a company that has 5 applications and I want my users to login to just one of them, but maintain login across all 5. I know how to process login. I know how to save a map to a...

    Android Question Migration SQLite during app Updating

    Hello, Ok, i know that no Sqlite data will be lost during an upgrade, only when we uninstall the app. But if i need to change the data format between 2 versions, (in this case, add a field) i would have to implement some migration code. what is the just method for doing this ? Thanks Michel
  4. M

    Android Question How to preserve FocusMode of a camera?

    I've created a TimeElapse widget which runs an activity in regular time intervals and this activity then takes a picture. A problem occured - with each call, the activity initialize the camera again and the default settings are set (focus, etc..) and the setting I created is lost. I need for...
  5. ocalle

    Wish Autosave programmable time

    Hello, I wish that in the editor theres an option to autosave the project with a time lapse. That be useful for countries when the power energy sometimes go off as Word of Office.
  6. E

    Android Question Adding and saving data in app

    Hi, I'm struggling to save data from spinner element after I add new data. I was tried using StateManager but it didn't save new/additional data after restart. So for example if I use Spinner.Add("new data or whatever") I would like to have that after I restart app (so basically keep that change...