1. MList

    Android Question Save Text and picture

    Hi, This is more a general question. I am developping the software for a measuring device. Now i have got the measured values ( a table with number, date,time,unity.. ) and a photo where you can mark the position of the measured value. That works all fine.. Now I want to save a file with both...
  2. cklester

    B4J Question How To Save KeyValueStore to Disk

    How do I save a KVS to disk? I searched "save keyvaluestore" and none of those threads actually explain how to save the KVS to disk. Unless I missed it... which is very possible. :D
  3. Alexander Stolte

    Android Example [B4X] Create Thumbnail and save it

    SavePictureToFile(XUIImageToJPEGByteArray(CreateThumbnail(xui.LoadBitmapResize(File.DirAssets,"Snapchat-248558753.jpg",150dip,150dip,True)),150dip,150dip,50),File.DirRootExternal,"test.jpg") "quality" on "XUIImageToJPEGByteArray" results on a: 910kb image quality = 50 = 17,69KB quality = 100 =...
  4. Star-Dust

    B4J Code Snippet Load and Save KML file (kmz)

    Several have asked how to create a KML file (or KMZ if compressed) starting from a map generated with the GMap library. A KMZ specification is not simply a compressed KML file, but it can also contain other files, such as marker images if they are customized. I started from a precious example...
  5. Chris160179

    B4R Question save custom Type to GlobalStore

    Hello Everybody, I want to save custom type variables in a GlobalStore slot. I can compile and run my code, but when I try to log the saved IP address, the ESP8266 crashes. My code: #Region Project Attributes #AutoFlushLogs: True #CheckArrayBounds: True #StackBufferSize: 300 #End...
  6. P

    B4A Library SharedPreferences - Save Key-value data

    Hello When i used B4A for the first time, I felt something is missing. it was hard to save values using File.WriteString or even harder: File.WriteMap each time i had to Create a map and write it to a file if i wanted to save changes. i was waiting for anyone to write a library to make this...
  7. WebQuest

    Android Question Open and Save a PDF File In the Database with App.

    Hi I'm trying to select a pdf file in the device with the Chooser as it happens with the images, but without success. My intent is to select a pdf through my app and then save it in the db of the app. I'm using SqlLite for the db. I'm using the chooser specifying the type of file to be selected...
  8. A

    Android Question Snapshot of panel

    Hello, I used erel solution for snapshot an item (for example - panel) - ( Sub Button1_Click Dim bmp As B4XBitmap = Crop_Image(Panel1, Panel1.left,, Panel1.width, Panel1.height...
  9. Pete_S

    Android Question Save Map To KeyValueStore, Load Map From KeyValueStore

    I created this code. It works but I was wondering if there is an easier/optimized way to save a map to a KeyValueStore and retrieve it back from the KeyValueStore. Main: Sub Process_Globals End Sub Sub Globals End Sub Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) Dim map1 As Map...
  10. A

    Android Question saving files

    Hello every one, I wanna save my SQLite file (*.db) to a normal folder. in notice that I can save it in this way: File.Copy(File.DirAssets,"ansdb.db",File.DirInternal,"ansdb.db") but I can't see the file in my phone. I wanna save it in way to I be able to see the file and copy it in my pc. any...