1. S

    Share My Creation Find used libraries (B4A, B4J,B4In B4R)

    Hello, Sometimes you want to clean the additionnal folder, but are you sure a library is used or not in your projects ? This app lists all the libraries found in your projets. Select a folder, check project's type and you got it! In the left listview are the libraries found. In the right...
  2. Vinians2006

    Android Question App stops when using camera

    My friends, I rarelly use foruns because I like to try to fix the problem but this time I tryed a lot and cannot discover whats causing this issue. My app uses zxing to read bar codes but its needs that user installs another app that reads the code and pass to my app. Now I want to read the...
  3. uniplan

    Android Question Scan wifi and MLwifi library

    Hi to all...i need to scan the all wifi around me at the moment and know the ssid. I test the MLwifi library: but the wifi_ScanDone not triggered...why? it necessary or possible to set a time limit to scan? this is my code...thank you Sub...