1. A

    iOS Question Impossible to disable boucing scroll effect in WebView

    Hello, I tried some "solutions" to block the boucing scroll effect in webview. None of them have any effect. The "official solution" is : WebView.scrollView.bounces = false; WebView.scrollView.alwaysBounceVertical= false; WebView.scrollView.alwaysBounceHorizontal= false; That give ...
  2. maxh2815

    Android Question Need a scrollable label (or some other form of text display)

    Hi, at the moment I have a label containing text. The text is updated periodically (every 2 seconds or so). Sometimes the text can be quite long, and it goes out of the width and height of the label. What do I need to do to make a label which: Resizes itself based on the updated content and Any...
  3. A

    B4J Question Textarea ScrollChanged event?

    Hello, I'm trying to replicate a "json editor" interface, with a main textarea for writing, and another view on the side (probably a customlistview, or another textarea ) to mark line numbers, errors etc I need to syncronize the scrolling of the 2 views, but there is no "scrollchanged" event on...
  4. palpedrinha

    Wish View (... or not!) color indicators (warnings, errors, ..)

    Hi All, This is a feature request that I think that would be very usefull for all. I hoppe :) The ideia is to allow the user to decide wish color indicators that will be available in the scroll bar of code area. For a better understanding of the request I made some printout (worked image)...
  5. Star-Dust

    B4J Library [B4X] [XUI] SD XUIScrollView2D

    I develop the cross-platform version of the ScrollView2D library. XUIScrollView was developed all from scratch. xScrollView is a wrapping of the native ScrollView but which standardizes the commands so that they can be used cross-platform. Everyone can choose which one is best suited to their...
  6. D

    Android Question TabStrip scroll disable

    I need to disable horizontal scroll using TabStrip, because if for example you have a SeekBar it's very easy to change the Tab instead of change SeekBar value. Is there any way to disable scroll?