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    I develop the XUI version of the ScrollView2D library that created @Informatix. I did not base myself on its code but developed everything from scratch. It is still unripe, but it works well and is not very heavy. Clearly for iOS already the native ScrollView is 2D as well as for Desktop.

    Log version

    Rounded scroll bars
    Fix bugs of bars
    Add B4J Version
    B4XLib now
    BUGS flicker correction
    BUGS flicker correction


    Author: Star-Dust
    Version: 0.05
    • XUIScrollView
      • Events:
        • ScrollChanged (X As Float, Y As Float)
      • Functions:
        • AddView (View As B4XView, Left As Int, Top As Int, Width As Int, Height As Int) As String
        • BringToFront As String
        • Class_Globals As String
        • DesignerCreateView (Base As Object, Lbl As Label, Props As Map) As String
          Base type must be Object
        • FullScroll (Bottom As Boolean) As String
        • GetAllViewsRecursive As List
        • GetBase As B4XView
        • GetView (Index As Int) As B4XView
        • Initialize (Callback As Object, EventName As String) As String
        • Initialize2 (Callback As Object, EventName As String, PanelParent As B4XView, Width As Int, Height As Int) As String
        • Invalidate As String
        • IsInitialized As Boolean
          Verifica se l'oggetto sia stato inizializzato.
        • LoadLayout (LayoutFile As String) As String
        • NumberOfViews As Int
        • Parent As B4XView
        • RemoveViewFromParent As String
        • RequestFocus As String
        • ScrollPositionX (X As Float) As String
        • ScrollPositionY (Y As Float) As String
        • SendToBack As String
        • SetBitmap (bmp As B4XBitmap) As String
        • SetColorAndBorder (Backgroundcolor As Int, BorderWidth As Int, BorderColor As Int, BorderCornerRadius As Int) As String
        • SetColorAnimated (Duration As Int, FromColor As Int, ToColor As Int) As String
        • SetLayoutAnimated (Duration As Int, Left As Int, Top As Int, Width As Int, Height As Int) AsString
        • SetPanelBitmap (bmp As B4XBitmap) As String
        • SetRotationAnimated (Duration As Int, Degree As Int) As String
        • SetVisibleAnimated (Duration As Int, Visible As Boolean) As String
        • Snapshot As B4XView
      • Properties:
        • Color As Int
        • Enable As Boolean
        • FastScroll As Boolean
        • Height As Int
        • HorizontalBar As Boolean
        • Left As Int
        • PanelHeight As Int
        • PanelWidth As Int
        • PositionX As Float
        • PositionY As Float
        • Tag As Object
        • Top As Int
        • VerticalBar As Boolean
        • Visible As Boolean
        • Width As Int

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  2. Star-Dust

    Star-Dust Expert Licensed User

    update 0.04
    B4XLib now
    BUGS flicker correction​
  3. Star-Dust

    Star-Dust Expert Licensed User

    update 0.05
    BUGS flicker correction​
  4. Star-Dust

    Star-Dust Expert Licensed User

    update 0.06
    BUGS flicker correction
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