1. epiCode

    Android Question Android Documentation

    Hi, I am looking for ways to have android documentation available offline. Most solutions suggested using SDKManager to download android documentation. The current sdk manager installed is B4ASdkManager.jar and it does not have the option of choosing download documentation. Is there a way we...
  2. M

    Android Question SdkManager Error

    Hi everyone, today i opened B4A (after updating all thing to the newest versions), and when i went to the B4A SdkManager i got this What does it mean? I already downloaded from the website the last sdk and resources Thanks in advance
  3. M

    Android Question Errors opening SDK Manager - can't compile anymore.

    Hi i opened the sdk manager to upgrade but this showed up And if i compile show this:
  4. M

    Android Question [Solved] SDK Manager can't install recommended packages

    Hello, I'm trying to install recommended packages in sdkManager but it seems fail and so this packages never disapeer of the list. Do you know where is the problem ? I have this message at the end of logs I don't understand, i can't move or delete C:\Android\tools because sdkmanager is in...
  5. S

    Wish Restoring SDK Versions of libraries after an SDK update

    After having a few issues with updated libraries after running the SDK manager and installing updated versions. Is it as simple as making a backup of the installed-components.txt file in the extra\b4a_remote directory before any new updates are installed. And if you want to revert for any reason...
  6. R

    Android Question sdk manager error

    Hi, This is my first day with B4A and I am just installing B4A on my windows 10x64 and I get the following error in the B4A Sdk manager window: Downloading: error: Downloading: