1. mmieher

    Android Question [Ignore This] B4A MiniSearchview - A MacGyver Guide to Making it Work

    In case it helps someone else ... Reference: Spent many hours slogging through the forum doing the rookie-dance with MiniSearchView. Finally came up with something that works for me. Bless...
  2. Eric McDonald

    Android Question Using Searchview to capture String

    Hello all, Fairly new to B4A, so this may be a simple question... but it's got me stumped. I am using a SearchView as found in the SearchViewExample (found on the forum). However, I am having difficulty implementing it into my own code. What I wish to do is take the selected text (from the...
  3. Azam Memon

    Android Question Same Contact name with multiple phone numbers using ContactSearcher

    Hi, I am using ContactSearcher to find phone contacts, my phone has stored multiple phone numbers in one contact profile, like Home phone, Mobile, Office phone etc. When using ContactSearcher, it shows same phone number under all contacts with same names like contact profile with my name is...
  4. LucaMs

    B4A Library [Custom View] SuggestionsEditText

    I needed an EditText like SearchView but without the list shown (without ListView), to use it on a smartphone in landscape mode (you know, in this situation the keyboard takes up almost the available space). This view uses a SQLite DB to store the words and to retrieve them typing the first...