1. sfsameer

    Source Code : Create a mobile shop within the app :)

    Hello every one :) I have previously published that we are working on something really big and it's coming very soon before the end of this week Post link : The app enables the user to create his own mobile web app within the...
  2. sfsameer

    Share My Creation Coming very soon :)

    We are building a new amazing project :) The project will enable the user to create his own mobile web app within the app with 3 steps only !! :) The user will upload the user Products, categories, shop information to the cloud and produce a user-friendly link The user can share the link as...
  3. Star-Dust

    B4A Library SD: MenuExtender

    I created a new library that adds new menus that are not in my other libraries. (menu and PanelExtra) The sources are written exclusively in B4A ManagerPanel: This class has been transferred to the PanelExtra Library Catalog: It has a series of articles with relative photos, name, code...