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  1. Valentino.b

    Italian Pubblicazione PlayStore (01/2022)

    Ciao a tutti sto provando a pubblicare una nuova release di una mia APP su PlayStore. Uso B4A versione 9.80 Ottengo il seguente errore Errore dello strumento apksigner: ERROR: MIN_SIG_SCHEME_FOR_TARGET_SDK_NOT_MET: Target SDK version 30 requires a minimum of signature scheme v2; the APK is not...
  2. R

    Android Question signatures do not match the previously installed version

    I don't understand, what is going on and why this happens: My private key was created 2011 and never changed. I am currently trying to use the google app store to pre-release my app to some customers. Most of them have older versions of my app for testing and now the store version, which is not...