1. A

    Android Question How to acheive anti-tamper protection when app published in play store

    Hi guys, How do I make app to close whenever program is changed. Before I was using MacroRome lib named CheckLibrarySignature. It working fine and great. But problem is google resign my app and hence app get new signature and tampered. It won't run. Any workaround ? or advice ? Thanks 😊
  2. andredamen

    Android Question Google sign app with signature scheme v2

    I can't update my app in Google. It recuires a new signature (SDK version 30) . How do I create this signature? Can I do this whitin the B4X application?
  3. KMatle

    B4J Tutorial [B4x] RSA sign & verify messages (extra: with corresponding php code)

    This little tutorial is about signing and verifying data you send/receive between apps (= all "programs", even websites). You can use it in B4A without a change (I don't know how B4i works, but I assume there are similar libs). You should know how RSA works. If not, take a Google search and you...
  4. Alexander Stolte

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] RSA Encrypt and Decrypt

    Hey, i build a auth method for my app to protect my API and one of this step is to signed requests to the api to ensure that every request comes from my app. RSA is the best method for that, because this is not a hash, so that the same input is ever the same output. The API knows the Private...