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  1. C

    Android Question SMS Receiving does not work on android 9 and 10

    Hi Guys, Does anyone work for SMS receiving on android version 9 and 10. Currently i have an old application that is working on android version 6 but if installed in version 9 and 10 of android it cannot intercept the SMS message anyone. Is there any solutions for this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Alex Guerrero

    Android Question How to send an anonymous SMS or use a short number

    Hello, it is possible to send an "anonymous SMS" as does SMS Gateway or SIM Modem, I want to hide or change the number from where the SMS is sent by a short code or Short Sender [for example: +57 32043287## by 34512], the plan is to change the SMS to prepaid users for data (kbps) for internet...